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Happy Birthday Michelle by LilPeaceMaker
Happy Birthday Michelle
Just wanted to let you guys know i ain't dead.

Also it was :iconlordofstupidity: birthday and i wanted to give her a little present for being awesome.
It was the 26th so it might be a little late to say happy birthday, better late than never don't you think? :D
Adventure Time meme: Lyra by LilPeaceMaker
Adventure Time meme: Lyra
After long hours of drawing on my phone, yes you heard right on MY PHONE since my laptop decided to crash on me, again. I finally finished this meme that was a pain in the buns, despite that i love how it looks. Better than the one i originally drew.

It was fun in some way.

Please comment down so i know what you guys think.(you don't have to if you don't want to)

P.s. If you want to ask her questions here's the place :iconask-lyra-the-wiccan: I use it for fun sometimes when i don't have much to do.
The Huntress and The Scholar by LilPeaceMaker
The Huntress and The Scholar
Yeah Valentine's days has been getting on me so i wanted to make a couple of drawings like these before the holiday spirit ends.

So i decided to make a little drawing of Lyra meeting Matthew, where they began to see each other despite the different social class they are in. I think something like this would happen:

Matthew: You're a bit late miss grey.
Lyra: Well i would like to see you climb from tree to tree while avoiding a ridiculous amount of guards for a private school.
Matthew: There aren't any guards at your school for girls?
Lyra: If there were you think i would have escape so easily?
Matthew: *Laughs* Alright then i understand your meanings for coming late. Would you like to continue the lecture or not.
Lyra: *takes book* My pleasure.

I think i'll make a couple more doodles for these two since i like to see them together, what do you guys think?
You give me strength by LilPeaceMaker
You give me strength
While i was writing I realized i portrayed Lyra like a cold and emotionless witch (pun intended XD) so i thought sure she would be like this until Finn teaches her about being kind and stuff. But she would still try to hide her emotions.

So i thought it would be fun if she'd had a crush on a noble, and by the looks of it we know who wears the armor in the relationship.
Too many bandages for a Broken Shoulder by LilPeaceMaker
Too many bandages for a Broken Shoulder
I've been practicing in drawing Finn until i decided to try something different. I remembered seeing a drawing of finn somewhere in tumblr so i wanted to give it a shot.

This part happens in my Lost and Found story in chapter 2.
I know I can get a bit slow sometimes whenever it's a drawing, a story or a message. But I checked the pageviews thingie and I've just realize I almost got 3,000 page views! :O

Maan I think i'll give myself a pat on the back. I had no idea so many people would check my DA in the past two years even though they might just be passing by, so i'll work my hardest to keep the numbers going up even though I'm  not as active as I used to. :3

For you guys!! Stay awesome!!

p.s. :iconedd-the-werewolf: if you see this, don't think I forgot your b-day I'm working on a little sometin sometin for you buddy. So keep an eye out mkay?
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Diana Alejandra
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

HI i'm a Little peace maker

Letme warn ya that i don't upload as often as i used too

my favorite color is blue

I love to draw with pencil and i have notebooks EVERYWHERE but it's still not enough space, i even draw in my history book. 

:iconglaceonplz: :iconumbreonplz: :iconvaporeonplz: :iconsylveonplz: :iconflareonplz:

Doctor, i puke rainbowz c: by SupremeSonrio :thumb204538191: Clouds Puke Rainbows by RuthlessDreams Pusheen by Fyi-Sus Not a Fujoshi stamp by Kana-of-the-Flames

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