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About Traditional Art / Hobbyist Diana AlejandraFemale/Mexico Group :iconblood-and-friends: Blood-and-Friends
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Lyra Timeline (Appearance) by LilPeaceMaker
Lyra Timeline (Appearance)
Its amazing the things that go through you mind when your are in a boring class.

Anyway i drew two drawings of lyra through different ages, one that focuses on her appearance and another about what happened when she was at that age in her life.
Matthew's Family  by LilPeaceMaker
Matthew's Family
Here we have Matthew and his older sister Avery, the young witch who taught Lyra fencing between other things and would be her future teacher until her awakening ceremony. And Matt's mother, i don't want to let out any spoilers but she is the high priestess of the coven Lyra would be part of.
Manny has Time for Tea by LilPeaceMaker
Manny has Time for Tea
It's summer time and you know what that means!

Looks like i have some extra time to work on a comic page of :iconbloodthornreaper: s adventure time comic. For the meantime here's Manny (blood's oc) and Lyra spending tea time together, since she always carries a thermos full of tea.
Vivian The Videogame Console by LilPeaceMaker
Vivian The Videogame Console
Vivian or Vivi as you may guess, is a gaming console. I based her on (the first console i've played on) a combination of a Nintendo ds and a gameboy, her theme is either entertainment or something else i haven't figured out yet.

She would teach the puppets (in this case red and yellow puppet since the green bird wasn't interested in playing at all) about videogames and the skill the player would need to become 'the best of the best', at first she says it's just 'fun and games' but she gets them deeper into the role of the game since you (can) 'become who ever you want, from a hero saving princesses or a villain causing harm to others' since in the end it's only a game and you can't truly hurt others in "real" life. However the more they play, they become more competitive and somewhat aggressive, at this point Vivian tells them how they would need to forget everything else to dedicate themselves to the game they are playing so they could become the best player and hold the highest score. But due to the fact Vivi doesn't want them to beat HER highscore, she hacks the game they are playing making it difficult for them to beat the game, so the puppets become trapped inside the game. Somehow out of pure 'luck' one of them gets the highest score which makes Vivian very, very, angry. So she causes havoc and brings hell upon the two puppets INSIDE the game, the green bird puppet who was outside in the real world turns off vivian thus freeing the other two puppets.

I want to make a couple more drawings of vivian until i get into another fandom. So let me know what you think down here in the coments below. :)
I have an Idea for a DHMIS Oc by LilPeaceMaker
I have an Idea for a DHMIS Oc
While i was waiting for my friend to finish her shower i began drawing stuff on her notebook. I don't remember what went pass my mind but i thought about videogames and this girl popped out, I'll most likely draw a little more about her to 'explore' her character.
I am not even sure if anyone keeps reading these journals. oh well so as you could see im not dead, just a little busy with life and such. Now i have recantly been into yet another fandom *sarcastic suprise* this time about a little miniseries of videos on youtube called 'Don't Hug Me I'm Scared'. Its about some puppets in sesame street fashion that have a 'teacher' that sing and teach about certain theme, it starts out all inocent and cheerful bit theres a point where it takes a drastic 180 degree  turn where everything become disorted and filled with gore (not entirely filled with gore but just enough to unsettle you).

So a dear friend of mine introduced me to these miniseries and i instantly loved them since every episode has some sort of deep meaning or lesson about modern life or something like that :iconiloveitplz: Anyway i made certain bet with my friend and like the title says I lost, so i have to write a story centered in that universe and since there are many about Tony the Talking clock x reader ones i'll probaly make one of those since it would save me the trouble of making an Oc to fit in.

Dont forget to leave a coment below to let me know you guys think and if you read these and aren't 100% useless
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Diana Alejandra
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art

HI i'm a Little peace maker

Letme warn ya that i don't upload as often as i used too

my favorite color is blue

I love to draw with pencil and i have notebooks EVERYWHERE but it's still not enough space, i even draw in my history book. 

:iconglaceonplz: :iconumbreonplz: :iconvaporeonplz: :iconsylveonplz: :iconflareonplz:

Doctor, i puke rainbowz c: by SupremeSonrio :thumb204538191: Clouds Puke Rainbows by RuthlessDreams Pusheen by Fyi-Sus Not a Fujoshi stamp by Kana-of-the-Flames

Art trades from Great Artists!! :iconkermityayplz:

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