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My World by LilPeaceMaker
My World
I was this close to add the last details of Lyra in the AT meme when my laptop decided to crash on Me!!!

Ughhh!! I had all my stories in there! Plus chapter four of Lost and Found >:( So i downloaded a drawing app and a notepad to keep myself working while i wait for my Laptop to get fixed.

This is the first drawing i made on my phone, looks good doesn't it? I just felt that way for some reason.
Guardian of Light OC by LilPeaceMaker
Guardian of Light OC
Despite the fact NOBODY celebrates halloween here i haven't felt inspired enough to draw for the ocassion. However I've recently watch the Rise of the guardians film and i love every bit of it, however i noticed there wasn't a guardian for halloween so this little idea came up.

I based him on the folktale:
" On route home after a night's drinking, Jack encounters the Devil and tricks him into climbing a tree. A quick-thinking Jack etches the sign of the cross into the bark, thus trapping the Devil. Jack strikes a bargain that Satan can never claim his soul. After a life of sin, drink, and mendacity, Jack is refused entry to heaven when he dies. Keeping his promise, the Devil refuses to let Jack into hell and throws a live coal straight from the fires of hell at him. It was a cold night, so Jack places the coal in a hollowed out turnip to stop it from going out, since which time Jack and his lantern have been roaming looking for a place to rest"

His name is jackson, making sure other hallows (or spirits) to find their path he guides them with the goldish pumpkin shaped lantern he holds. But before he does that he lets the souls of the people who passed away wander on the earth one last time on All hallows eve so they can visit their love ones one last time, to make sure they don't get lost while wandering Jackson carves pumpkins or any vegtable he can find and fill it with the same light inside his lantern. When Man in the moon realized his deeds of good he gave him the oportunity to become a guardian, with his center being Light. His relationship with the other guardians is only that of respect since he hasn't met them properly because he is always in the other relam taking care and harvesting his pumpkins, but he holds a strong friendship and respect towards north. He and jack frost have meet a couple of times since autum is close to winter and get along well, even joking around ocasionally although jack frost usually looks for him when he needs some advice (or someone to talk to XD) I haven't thought much about his personality, apearance and stuff yet, his hair is dark orange, he is somewhat irish and speaks with the same accent, his atire consist of brown or orange colors and sometimes wears used clothes that look similar like a scarecrow but uses a piece cloth on his face with some silly face sewed on it because he often says "I want to scare the crows away not the children" since crows have been trying to mess with his pumpkin patch since he can remember. His only noticeable weapon is the one he carrys on his back.
You should she the film guys, its really cool. :3
Adam by LilPeaceMaker

Is a teenage boy who dreams of becoming a great muscian one day. He is one of those boys who enjoys listening to greenday and plays the guitar. Adam gets along with penny and the rest of the gals, even with Ana although she calls him "blondie" when ever she has a chance
doodle of myself by LilPeaceMaker
doodle of myself
Hey guys i know i have not submit in a while becasue i've been going through some "unbalanced" emocional problems. And i wanted to avoid sumbit any art while im in tjat state cause it makes my drawings look, well lazy and uncaring

But im okay now
Chapter 3: Guidance

After what seemed to be thirty four minutes Finn arrived at the tree fort. He climbed up the ladder and was surprised to see the couch was empty.

“Where’s Lyra” he panted since the adventurer had been running.

Jake was in the kitchen playing a game on Beemo, the table was filled with empty cans. “Oh she left to the wizards’ market” Jake said not taking his view off from the videogame screen. “And you didn’t stop her?” He frowned.
When Finn walked into the kitchen Jake had paused his game so he could smile knowingly at the boy

“Do I sense a tone of sympathy in your voice dear brother?” Jake teased. Finn who was still panting took the orange soda that was in Jake’s hand, gulping down the entire soda. He wiped the moustache made by the liquid with his arm. “I just think it isn’t a good idea to wander around with a broken arm that’s all” Finn added.

“If you say so” Jake mumbled as he returned to his game on Beemo. But on the inside Finn felt something odd in his stomach, he couldn’t describe the weird feeling.

When the adventurer was on his way back to the tree fort he admit he had imagined that he could get to know more about the brunette then maybe there was a chance he and the girl could get along, play beemo for a while, become friends and then the three would go adventuring together. He smiled at the idea since it all looked perfect in his head. But now the idea is just a faraway daydream, cruel reality. He thought.
He walked towards the couch the brunette had slept on so he could lay down a bit, however there was something bumpy that made it impossible for Finn to comfort himself.  He dug his hand under the cushions to pull out the object, it was a book. The book was covered with a dark blue cloth, brown leather patches covered each side of the book and an image of a small snake eating its own tail was carved on the middle of the cover.
“Hey Jake have you been doing any reading or anything?” Finn yelled. But the magical dog only raised a brow and gave him a confused look, it couldn’t be Jake’s since he wasn’t much of a reader’s type. Finn raised a hand to his chin before he concluded “It must be Lyra’s book”.

The warm summer wind blew over the grassy hills making the tall grass dance with snake like movements, on one of the hills the brunette was walking under the hot sun. She wasn’t use to hot weather she preferred the cold seasons of autumn or even winter, but if there was something she hated it was hot temperatures. It didn’t take long before the brunette had grown annoyed and sat on the grassy floor, curios where she stretched an arm out towards the warm rays of sunlight but within a few seconds the pale flesh on her arm began to burn. Retreating her arm Lyra’s mouth twisted into a pout similar to one of a six year old.

She defiantly wasn’t used to hot temperatures.

Lyra stared at her left shoulder it was covered in many bandages ‘too many than necessary’ she thought. She turned her head to the side to give a quick look at the tree fort that far in the horizon, her conversation with Jake was still fresh in her mind.

“Your name is Jake, am I right?” Lyra asked taking a seat at the table next to the magical dog. “The one and only” Jake replied making a small sarcastic bow before returning to his viola. Since Finn had gone to who knows where and Jake had taken a five minute break, she decided to ask the dog something that has been bugging in her mind for a while.

“I do not mean to disturb you but if I may ask, why did you two decide to shelter me?” she asked curiously.

“Well to be honest I thought you’d be better off with a doctor but...” Jake stopped mid-sentence his throat feeling dry so he toke a sip from his orange flavored soda before continuing. “But Finn insisted in bringing you here. I don’t know, something in his insides makes him all sad when he sees people get hurt” he added.

Lyra was confused at first. Being isolated when she was a child she didn’t recognize the kind gesture no matter how many books she’d read about it, thus the subject itself was something odd and foreign to her that didn’t make sense. Although there was something she recalled her mother teaching her about the gesture but it was a memory too blurry to recover; she shrug it off for now, even though the brunette was grateful she had her own plans to attend.

Lyra left the kitchen table to walk towards the couch she previously slept on. Near the left side of the couch was her brown leather bag she began shuffling through her items pulling things out and putting them back in just to make sure everything was in place, Jake raised a brow towards the brunette’s actions “Plan on going somewhere?” he asked curiously.

“Where can I come across a marketplace to purchase magical artifacts?” she replied

“Well if you head south there’s a wizard market up ahead“

“Thank you” with that Lyra said her good byes as she held her leather bag and grey cloak on her shoulders.

So there she was, heading to the so called wizard’s market under the warm rays of sunlight. The brunette got up and continued walking until she stopped for a brief moment, rubbing her temple as she let out a sigh of annoyance. “How long have you been following me?” she asked into the empty air without turning around, after hearing the question a head poked from the grassy hill.

“Whoa!” the boy was amazed “How did you know I was here?” Finn’s eyes widen in surprise.

“I could sense your movement from a mile away” Lyra placed her hand on her hips “Care to explain why you were behind my steps?” she narrowed her eyebrows.

“Well you forgot this at my place” Finn walked up to the brunette and pulled out the leather book from his green backpack.

“M-my book?” Lyra’s blue grey eyes widen in surprise.

She was a very organized person although she had the bad habit of being forgetful sometimes but forgetting one of her most precious objects was (according to Lyra) an insult to her own mother, since she herself wrote in every page about detailed journeys and natural recipes. Lyra mentally slapped herself as Finn handed her the book. Having her left arm covered in bandages the brunette held the book in her right hand but also attempted to remove her leather bag with her shoulders, without achievement she sprained her injured shoulder letting out a yelp of pain thus caused all her stuff to fall on the grass.
“Need some help?” Finn smiled sympathy. The brunette nodded quietly before sitting on the grass, she was wearing shorts so the green herbs felt smooth against her skin.

After placing everything in the leather bag Finn handed it to its owner who was still sitting on the grass, it seemed she was removing the bandages off her left arm to prevent her any further trouble because they were wrapped too tight and since it was only her shoulder that was injured not her entire arm; thus leaving her left arm wrapped by a single piece of cloth that resembled a sling. The brunette quickly got on her feet and took the bag from Finn’s hands and slid it carefully so it would hang on her right shoulder.

“You look like you’re in a hurry” the adventurer assumed.

“I’m just a bit occupied that is all” Lyra dusted the dirt off her clothes.

Since Lyra would no longer see the boy she decided it was best to give her gratitude, she stretched an arm out to Finn who looked a bit confused “Finn, I’m grateful for your actions of restoring me to health, I hope I wasn’t any much of a problem” the brunette said firmly.

“Um...” Finn wasn’t familiar with the brunette’s fancy words of saying thank you, which made him wonder the best way to respond was. Seeing how the boy didn’t respond Lyra lowered her hand and frowned.

“No problem I just thought you needed some help” was all he could think about.

“If you say so” Lyra said monochromly. She began to take a few steps but the Finn quickly stand in front of her blocking her way, she narrowed her brows to his odd behavior but she shrugged it off.

“Excuse me I have to continue with my path” she spoke politely

“You’re heading to the wizards market right?” Finn said.

Lyra gave him a silent nod, she waved a hand in the air dismissaly as the brunette spun on her heel about to walk away again from the boy, but she didn’t get far since she was stopped by a hand around her wrist.

“Yeah I don’t think so” he smirked.

Although Finn didn’t want to admit it he didn’t want the brunette girl to leave so soon since it was dangerous letting the girl wander around Ooo with a broken shoulder with so many monsters out there, not to mention the weirdoes too. But then again that wasn’t the only reason, when the adventurer found her she had some sort of mysterious aura lurking around her that quickly caught his attention and with curiosity getting the best of him he wanted to spend a bit more time with her.

Even though it looked as if she tried to get away from him.

“And what makes you think that?” Lyra narrowed her brows a little annoyed.

“Because you’re going the wrong way…” he smiled almost innocently as he let go of Lyra’s wrist.
“Wizard’s market is that way” Finn pointed his thumb signaling behind him.
The brunette felt her face warm up of embarrassment.

“You don’t look like you’re from here so what if I guide you to the market so you don’t have to go by yourself” the adventurer offered.

Lyra thought about it for a minute she indeed was not familiar with the odd lands nor had she ever heard of a wizards market and a guide would certainly benefit her in many aspects but does she really want him near her? Sure he must have swordsmanship skills and by the looks of it he held a good stamina, but he was still human, he could still get hurt, he could die, she didn’t want that to happen. Lyra had certain “abilities” that were dangerous to anyone around her so it was best to keep them to herself since she still had not controlled them entirely and it would only endanger the boy, besides the brunette could take care of herself since all the lessons she learned about survival had kept her safe and sound.

“It’s a tempting offer, however I am able to take care of myself”

“With a dislocated shoulder?” he raised a brow and rested his hands on his hips.

Finn let an amused smile spread on his lips as he saw Lyra remained silent in thouht.
Because although she didn’t want to admit it he was right, Lyra needed to be at full health so she could use properly her bow or else the only thing she could do is block attacks and do small damage with her arrows in hand to hand combat.
Defeated, Lyra mumbled a few words.

“I’m sorry what was that?” Finn teased putting a hand around the bear ear on his hat.

“I said fine” Lyra said with a hint of annoyance before she continued. “You shall serve as my guide until I reach my destination thus you will protect me if I ask for it and your payment will depend once we reach the wizards market am I clear?” she said in a firm.
“No prob Bob!” Finn fist pumped the air in victory.

“Very well…” The brunette nodded to herself.

“This way m’lady” Finn said with a toothy grin as he began walking. Lyra continued to follow behind him while she began rubbing her temple, the brunette was going to have a couple of headaches from now on.

She could already feel it.
Lost and Found: Chapter 3
Well after many stressed weeks, I was reading a couple of poems and it got me writing up in no time. I'm already working on chapter 4 :D
I don't know I can't get myself to finished chapter 3 of Lost and Found, I know not much people read it but it's for Blood.

So I've been bored out of my mind lately and homework isn't helping, maybe drawing in one of those oc memes or an adventure time one I am not really sure.

If there is one you guys recommend, I could do or want me to I'd be gladly to do it to let my mind wander off a bit :D

What do you think michelle? :iconlordofstupidity:
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